This is a 5-week fear-busting course based on the book Feel the Fear And Do It Anyway® by Dr Susan Jeffers, PhD. Written over 25 years ago, this book has become one of the leading self-help books, has sold over 12 million copies and has helped people all over the world.

Feel the Fear workshops vary from trainer to trainer. In my workshop you will learn to:

  • See yourself as having meaning and purpose
  • Raise your levels of self-esteem and let go of negative thoughts
  • Understand what fear means and how to handle it
  • Create more love, trust and satisfaction in your life
  • Create a more balanced enjoyable life
  • Make decisions
  • Change your reactions to situations
  • Take responsibility for your life

What people say about the course (January 2017 Workshop Reviews):

"...lovely trainer and people on the course"
"...Uplifting experience I needed at this point in my life, thank you"
"...Grace you are so sincere and it was a pleasure to meet you"
"...lots of reinforcements of FTF principals peppered with anecdotal examples to help us get a better understanding"
"...course is perfect just how it is"
"...it will help me practice more positive thinking"
"...proper mint!!!!"
"... Grace is absolutely fab! Really warm, honest and caring.  Would definitely recommend to others"
"... Amazing opportunity to gain strength"
"...Fantastic! Grace is very knowledgeable and extremely supportive"

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