Annette has created this workshop based on one of the sessions of an 8-week long Theatre Studies course that she recently completed. That session was called “Devising & Exploring”. The course facilitators had laid a load of personal items belonging to an anonymous person on the floor. The whole group then worked individually, looking at the items and creating a character by imagining what the owner of the possessions would be like. A list of imagined “facts” were written down and people took turns in describing them to the rest of the group. People imagine completely different characters using the same objects. In this workshop, I’d like us all to participate in that same exercise. After participating in that exercise, there is room for discussion about what we may or may not have learned about stereotypes. We’ve all experienced being stereotyped and we all form stereotypes in our lives, so hopefully we can discuss how to deal with that.

Time: 2pm – 4pm
Day: Monday
Dates: Starts 29th Jan
Location: Broadacre House
Contact: Recovery College Collective
Course Leader: Annette Rutherford

Solving Stereotypes 2.jpg