Improvisation Workshops


These workshops are designed to boost confidence and stretch the imagination. We will be working on improvisation skills using props, situations, and moods, we will also be doing a bit of role play, (don't panic, no one has to do anything they're uncomfortable with). These are no pressure workshops the emphasis being on fun. Hopefully improving confidence and communication skills.

All ideas are welcome, so if you are worried about dealing with a situation, come along and role play it first. You will be directing the content of the workshops, so any ideas or improvements will be welcome. These workshops came about because of my awareness of how I became 'someone else'.
Depending on the situation I am dealing with. We all wear our safety masks at some time, the trick is to be aware of it and not take it too far.

Time: 12.30pm – 2.30pm
Day: Friday
Dates: 28th Sept, then Weekly (except half-term)
Location: Anderson House
Contact: RecoCo
Course Leader: Lorraine Morton