This is a new class for the area of the North East. Argentine Tango is an unlikely answer, with researchers identifying the dance as one of the most effective ways to reduce stress, anxiety and depression. The combination of exercise, social interaction and intense focus alleviates depression and a wide range of associated symptoms better than cross-training exercises or meditation.

One hour of soft stretchy exercises, trust's tasks, Tango sequences and musicality. Tango dancing is the opportunity to share wonderful danced moments with beautiful people. It is also a great place to meet new people who, after so many shared classes, become close friends! No other dance will bring you that feeling of connection.

In a world that never stops, Tango offers the opportunity to take a moment to let go and be fully present, connected to someone.

About the Instructor

Irene Costa has been dancing Argentine Tango since 2010 and she has been a student of many well-known tutors such as Christian Sosa – Maria Noel Siouto, Juan Martin Carrara – Stefania Colina, Ximena Hoeffner – Fernando Carrasco, Sebastian Achaval – Roxana Suarez, Silvio la Via, Lucas Fernades, Natalia Hills-Alejandro Aquino, etc. She started Ballet, Artistic Gymnastics, Jazz and Greek Traditional Dance at an early age. She also took Latin and Oriental Dance lessons. She has taught at community and youth centres, university Tango societies, Tango festivals and several private studios. She organised and promoted Tango music and dance events nationwide. She presented a Tango-related radio show on the first Greek Tango Radio Vice Versa. She is currently living in the UK and she is an Instructor, Dancer, Choreographer and Director at the North East Tango. She is teaching at the Newcastle University Tango Society, Search and at private studios and community centres across the region of the North East. She is a member of the North East Dance Co-operative and the Dance Culture North East. She also organises cultural events. She holds a BA in History and qualifications in Music.

Time: 3pm-4pm
Day: Wednesday
Dates: 26th Sept, then fortnightly
Location: Anderson House
Contact: ReCoCo
Course leader: Irene Costa