A 2.5hr session delivered by Steve O’Driscoll who self-harmed for over 20 years and managed to overcome his problems and now shares his experiences to help and support others and also facilitates a group in Newcastle to support people who self-harm.

The session covers:

  • What is self-harm?

  • Types of self-harm.

  • Who self-harms?

  • What makes people self-harm?

  • How does it feel?

  • Are people who do mentally ill?

  • Signs to look out for.

  • Coping techniques.

  • Treatment.

  • Self-help.

  • What if you don’t get help?

  • How you support a person.

  • Self-harm first aid kit.

Steve will also share his journey of recovery.

The session is very relaxed and there is plenty of opportunity to ask those unanswered questions around a subject that is still taboo to many in society.

Time: 1pm – 3pm
Day: Wednesday
Dates: 16th Jan, then again on 27th Feb Location: Anderson House
Contact: ReCoCo
Course Leader: Steve O’Driscoll