Joelene's Workshops

Joelene English is a Contemporary Dance Theatre choreographer and performance artist. Since graduating in 2006 she has gone on to choreograph and perform in an array of genres and venues, as well as teaching a wide range of students and professional artists. She is interested in using dance, film and theatre to explore human nature when destiny becomes trapped by reality. Her work combines taut choreography, beautiful scenography and emotional performance. She is fascinated by mental illness and its impact on everyday life.

To date Joelene English Dance Theatres’ work has had a relationship with mental illness, this has been hugely influenced from personal experiences. Researching and delving into personal cob webbed memories for work opens up a world of questions and few answers.

The sessions will be playful and fun using different art forms including creative writing, movement, drama, visual art and photography to explore the creation of an alter ego. To tell a personal story taking moments from well-known stories as starting points and weaving the real lives of its creators in amongst fragmented fiction. There is a story within us all and spoken word can often get in the way of communicating it with others. These workshops will offer each individual a different way to speak a voice through physicality, objects, photographs or if they dare dance. Each workshop will create an environment for challenge, discussion, creation and silence. What is created within the workshops will form the basis of a collaborative multi medium installation of individual personal journeys, including photographs, sound and objects.

This course is for people who haven’t undertaken Joelene’s course before.

Time: 10am - 12pm
Day: Friday
Dates:  11th Jan, then weekly (excluding half-term)
Location: Anderson House
Contact: ReCoCo
Course Leader:  Vikki Beat