Everyone gets angry or frustrated. It is a totally normal and healthy emotion. However, sometimes our anger can get away from us and begin to take over. If anger plays a larger role in your life than you want it to, this course may be for you. Whether you get angry at the smallest things, or your rage is an uncontrollable monster, this course may help in getting your anger back under control. Everyone is welcome and no prior knowledge is required. This is a skills class, not simply a place to moan about the world (though there may well be some of that!). Let’s get ‘a’had a’the radge.

Time: 10am-12pm
Day: Friday
Dates:  5th Oct, 12th Oct, 19th Oct, 26th Oct, 9th Nov, 16th Nov
Location: Anderson House
Contact: ReCoCo
Course Leaders: Tom Nicholson & James White