Somatic therapy (of the body) is one of the oldest, most powerful methods available to us for learning how to move forward with our emotions and feel more at peace and relaxed within ourselves and those around us. Debbie uses a whole range of approaches to therapy such as mindfulness, physical relaxation and talking, which can be a very effective method. Using just her hands and  her warmth, Debbie will gently guide you so that you can begin to feel a real sense of connection, not just within yourself, but with others around you too.

Conditions that respond well to this kind of therapy:
All conditions have the potential to benefit from the Therapy that Debbie offers because it works directly with your body and where the actual source of your distress, anxiety and panic reside, therefore, helping with both your physical and emotional wellbeing. The session can take approximately 40 minutes of deep relaxation, but can be adapted to your needs.

If you would like to explore how this unique combination of relaxation and emotional wellbeing therapy could help you, then please book your appointment now by signing your name to one of the given slots below. I can also offer a free telephone consultation to see if the therapeutic services I offer could be of help to you - so please feel free to contact me if you feel you need to talk prior to the appointment by giving me a call. (Debbie’s number is available at the ReCoCo office should you need more information)

All sessions are completely confidential and will always be tailored to you and your exact needs. Your details will never be shared with your GP, work or anyone else without your prior consent.

The sessions will not replace conventional medical diagnosis, treatment or psychotherapy. This approach can bring out very strong feelings, and possibly triggers. Although guided, you will need to take responsibility for your own wellbeing.

Time: 12pm – 4pm
Day: Tuesday
Dates:  8th Jan, then weekly. By appointment – ring the ReCoCo office to make an appointment
Location: Anderson House
Contact: Recoco
Course Leader: Debbie Davidson