SOngwriting about recovery

Do you like music? Do you have a story to tell? Join us and we will help you to write music about it. No experience needed. Your lyrics can be as vague as you like. Bring any instrument you can carry by yourself, including your voice(s). Consider taking headphones for electronic instruments if you are bringing them. Our facilitator has worked in hospitals since he was a lad in varying roles, has been a semi-professional musician and an experienced facilitator and tutor.  He has his own material to write about, in terms of wellbeing and recovery. You will leave with some lines of song. Previous sessions have led to brief recordings and were well rated by attendees. You will retain copyright.

Time: 10am – 12pm
Day: Wednesday
Dates: 9th Jan and the 16th Jan
Location: Anderson House
Contact: ReCoCo
Course Leader: Keith Reid

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