This is a new approach which will get you to understand the way by which you produce your emotions.

Knowing the “HOW” is the basis to become able to keep on top of them.

The course is scheduled for 3 group sessions, each a week apart:

Session 1 - For definitions, so we avoid misunderstandings.
Session 2 - About the process of producing emotions.
Session 3 – The basics of how to work to become able to keep on top of your emotions.

You will not learn how to suppress your emotions. You will be enabled to experience them in a more satisfying way.

In sessions one and three you are asked to fill in a short sequence of questions. At the end of session one you will receive a longer questionnaire, “The Personal Baseline”.

As it is about your emotions, it is understood that you will have to look into yourself in a new way.

This is a ‘Starting you on the way’ course. Afterwards we have one-on-one meetings to keep personal things personal.

Man In Centre is the provider. Walter Morauf is the presenter, with over 40 years of experience in dealing with emotional problems of others.

Time: 2-3pm Tuesday or Thursday 10-12
Date: 8th and 10th Jan, then weekly
Location: Anderson House
Contact: ReCoCo
Course Leader: Walter Morauf

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