This Is Me


This course will seek to help you recognise the skills and insights that you have gained from your experience of distress and trauma.

These are the skills that have kept you alive. Sue will help you to recognise the gifts and assets that you carry with you and use them to adopt a new way of life and a new way of being.

Using mood boards, WRAP, Behavioural Activation, DBT Skills, Positive affirmations, diary keeping, mindfulness and life formulations this course is intended to increase your confidence and self-esteem  by drawing on your skills and enabling you to make sense of who you are, and why.

We ask that participants undertake the 2 day WRAP Awareness course before doing 'This is Me'. Participants will be expected to complete homework tasks.

Time: 10am-12pm
Day: Monday
Dates: 24th Sept for ten weeks (excluding half-term)
Location: Anderson House
Contact: Recovery College Collective
Course Leader: Sue Barrow